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Pet Styler for Humans & Pets

The BONDING between Humans & Pets is OFF the Charts.

I have noticed the bonding that goes on between human and pet and combined Neville Goddard teachings, 20 years of Pet Care and some mindful techniques. These passions of mine naturally merged together and I have created some manifesting programs From NOTICING the correlation between HUMAN and PET behaviors and HOW they affect our FURBABIES. We as the human element affect them in more ways than you can imagine and thus, why I have incorporated the PetStyler & Pet Care. 

FOR Private Human and/or Pet Consultations to DISCOVER Different Bonding for YOU and YOUR Pet,  I have provided YOU with some different venues;  phone calls, Live Video, and Podcasts on Facebook LifeStyler Page,  & PetEx; Pet Sitting Services Page 

FOR  Human Consultations  & Hum​a​n & Pet Consultation  YOU can schedule Your Consult BELOW.

Human & Pet Consultation 

An Evaluation of YOU and YOUR Pet . This is great opportunity to create action plans or exercises for behavior (for both), social & food issues. We address the human and pet bond by paying close attention to YOUR particular beliefs, thoughts and feelings around YOUR Issues. This session is the first step in guiding you to Your Own Imagination and How it has been Creating your Present Reality. Pet, Humans or Both.

Human & Pet Sessions

This is a 60 Day Program of 8 sessions. Best for feeding & behavior issues with your Pet. For local clients we meet & create plans &/or exercises based upon what we discover together in the Human & Pet Consultation regarding Your belief systems, feelings and thoughts in regards to YOUR Pet's issues. For Long Distance we will be using the Zoom App for the Consultation & Sessions.

Human Consultation

We discuss your Specific Desires and then, create scenes together that imply your wish has already been fulfilled. We do several exercises together and schedule your times and dates for your Feel if For Real sessions.

Human Consultation Sessions

This is a 30 Day Program with 4 sessions. Basic plans of action to start creating What YOU Truly Desire by guiding and showing YOU how to use YOUR Imagination by 1st bringing awareness into your Being. You will be taught that Feeling it for Real is Key to any Manifestation or Creation.

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What our customers are saying

Mary has such foresight in clearly seeing the whole picture and strategizing and implementing plans of action to my Chief Aim. She has such compassion to help us see who we Really Are and creates the space for us to embody our True Desires which give us the realization on Who We Truly are and then Being there with us as we Create using our Imaginations. 

Stephen Joseph - Imaginative Creations, LLC

Session Prices

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Human & Pet Consult Call 

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Per Session

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45 Min session


Human Consult Sessions (Feeling it Real)

For 1 Month

Best for 30 Day Program

4 - 45 min sessions


Pet & Human Sessions (Feeling it Real)

60 Day Program

Best for Feeding & Behavior Issues

8- 45 Min Sessions